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Snow Master 3450, 3850 and 3900

For two-axle vehicles from 30 HP up to 70 HP

Three styles of super smooth snow blades each featuring a built-in shock absorption system. Designed for maximum smoothness, each blade has two parts; a lower moveable part and an upper fixed or static part.  When powered, the lower blade makes contact with the ground and creates a snow flow as the snow blade pushes forward. The spring flap mechanism on the lower blade responds immediately to any uneven ground it encounters while the fixed upper blade routes snow off to the side.

• Even at speeds of up to 18.6 miles per hour (30 km/hr) they take bumps in their stride
• The scraping bar remains flat and even on the surface achieving neat and clean clearing results
• Trialled in Europe they won a gold medal for innovation at Germany’s Demopark 2009 exhibition
• The edge of the lower blade where it comes in contact with the ground has been reinforced.
• The whole unit keeps exceptionally steady
• The operator is protected from excess shudder
• Lack of vibration means the blades themselves do not suffer unnecessary wear and tear.
• Centre of gravity relatively close to the ground further reduces stress and vibrations on any attachments or on the hydraulics. 

Snow Master 3450 is 1.6m wide and comes with optional snow shoes, lighting kit, ballast weight kit and guard.

Snow Master 3850 comes in two widths –1.4m and 1.6m.  It too, has optional snow shoes, lighting kit and ballast weight kit but also has a break away system.

Snow Master 3900 comes in two widths –1.8m and 2.0m.  It has exactly the same options as the 3850.

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