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Terra Float
The Terra Float is a spiked aerifier with a three piece floating ground-driven roller and is a cost effective solution to infiltrate weeds, improve sports turf and prepare areas for overseeding.

The 1.6m wide Terra Float works by cleverly cutting through surface compaction and thatch layers without actually breaking or distressing the playing surface. By loosening the surface crust, gaseous exchange occurs more easily making the grass plant healthier and more resistant to disease and fungus like algae. Rain and irrigation water permeate the surface more readily, allowing faster recovery and growth.

Comprising a three-part floating roller that may be fitted with spike or star-shaped tools, the swivel suspension is perfect for use on undulating ground. The Terra Float can be mounted to compact tractors from 30 hp while optional bogey wheels with hydraulic lift allow it to be towed on valuable turf and manicured areas. For a really pristine finish, optional steel rear rollers and turf retainers are available. Such versatility makes the machine ideal for sports fields, golf courses, and high value grass areas within estates and parkland.
Standard equipment includes three point linkage mounting parts, the floating roller without tools, support stands, frame and hood.

In just one pass the Terra Float when fitted with spiked sections, produces approximately 1500 holes/m² at 30 mm spacings. Spike sections are 65 mm deep and can be selected in 5 mm or 8 mm diameters. With the optional star-shaped tool it produces 500 slits per m². Using both the spike and star-shaped tools independently is excellent preparation for overseeding. 

Wiedenmann has also developed the new Terra Seed overseeder as a perfect complement and partner to the Terra Float.
At a glance spec reference:

Working width in mm approx:


Weight in kg approx:


Working depth max. in mm:


Lateral spacing spiked roller / star roller



rear 3-pt. hitch Cat. I

Minimum tractor lifting capacity in kg approx:




Available tine diameter for spiked roller in mm:

5 mm and 8 mm

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