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The Terra Spike XD™ is literally a ground breaking machine combining its great productivity with a working depth down to 275mm. This is a real workhorse available in two widths and also boasts productivity of more than double conventional spikers.

Terra Spike™ standard features
TwinDrive: The continuous crankshaft is driven from both sides by multi ribbed V belts delivering smooth power transmission from the tractor. The maintenance-free encapsulated drive is dust and dirt-proof. TwinDrive can be configured with various transmission ratios allowing the crankshaft speed to be adapted optimally to the available tractor power
New Crankshaft: Highly stable computer optimised crank features counter balancing weights to ensure effortless running and long service life
Quick Set Heave: Achieves a class leading 25° heave range. A simple, centraland ‘tool free’ adjustment gives infinite heave setting between 90° and 65°
Quick Set Depth: Accurately set depths, regardless of which length of tine isfitted, just make one simple, central and ‘tool free’ adjustment
Vibra Stop: A key safety benefit to the operator, this is an integrated shockabsorbing system which absorbs vibration
Power Pack: A central power pack helps to protect the tines from damage inextreme stony or hard conditions
Quick Fit: An integrated tine mounting and extraction system

The new Terra Spike XD™ is fitted with PTO clutch, linkage pins, rear roller with scraper bar, safety guards and a first set of 20mm diameter tines.

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