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Ice Master
For rear attachment to two-axle tractors from 25 HP

The Ice Master is a clever dual-spreader which is sufficiently compact to negotiate pathways and pedestrian routes yet can spin grit to 6m to clear car parks. Wiedenmann’s design team has deliberately set about making the Ice Master do all the work.

• Easy to operate in extreme conditions
• No requirement for operator to leave the cab to fiddle with settings
• 1.2 wide
• Can either be PTO driven or hydraulically mounted
• Exceptionally robust build quality
• Volume control through an adjustable stainless steel feeding slide
• Inside the container, a loosening shaft and a swash-plate shaft ensure an even flow of gritting material
• Hopper capacity 250 litres, an optional hopper extension increases it to 450 litres
• Metering device, electric gritting plate, parking stand and road lighting kit are further options

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