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For deep aeration and removal of compactions up to 25cm depth.

The TERRA SPIKE GXi series was specifically developed for use on golf greens, tees, sandy sports fields and all fine areas.

Product Details:

• GXi6 has a working width of 140 cm and GXi8 HD 180 cm
• 3.2 km / hr working speed with 110 mm square hole spacing
• Area coverage per hr with 110 mm square holes spacing – 4 350 m²/ hr (GXi6) and 5 600 m²/ hr (GXi8 HD)
• With VibraStop, PowerPack, QuickSet, QuickFit
• Minimal maintenance effort (only six lubricating points)
• Minimal disruption to play and to surface - play can resume immediately after use
• Compact mounting suits tractors from 15kW (20 HP)
• Allows large area coverage with uniform quality and efficiency
• Two scales and three cranks ensure easy setting of working depth and heave angle
• Tool-free adjustment for heave and working depth
• Precise tine penetration controlled by ATC (Advanced Tine Control)
• VibraStop & PowerPack features protect against damage, forming an efficient damping system against jolting and vibration
• OPTIONS Solid tines, hollow tines, multi tine holders, turf retainers, swath board, supplementary weight

The Terra Spike GXi includes PTO shaft, linkage pins, a parking stand system, safety guards and first set of 12mm diamter tines.

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