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SUPER 500 / 600

The most versatile turf maintenance machine.

The SUPER 500 and 600 all-in-one machines are among the most versatile across the industry. Compact, robust and year-round heroes, they are ideally suited to estates, parks, sportsgrounds and golf courses. Whether sweeping leaves, collecting cuttings, scarifying or flail mowing, they are exceptionally nimble and thorough. The container lifts via a parallelogram system with a floating head to a height of 2.1 m while rotating the hopper to completely discharge collected material. Class leading H&S credentials means suited to all terrains including undulations.

Product Details:

• Infinitely variable high dump height up to 2.1 m
• Working depth easily adjusted
• Working width 1.6 m
• Adjusts easily to ground conditions
• Low pressure tyres ensures no footprint
• Hopper capacity - Super 500 approx 2500 litres; Super 600 approx 4500 litres
• Substantial reduction of dust and noise due to integrated exhaust air routing
• Easy accessibility for cleaning, maintenance and tool exchange
• Class leading H&S credentials

Optional equipment includes Flail blades pack, verticutting blades with 19 mm, 38 mm or 57 mm centres, anti-scalp rollers, golf course kit, super contour kit & core crusher kit.

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