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Terra Spike GXi 8 HD
The principle of “time is money“ applies now more than ever to professional turf maintenance. Whether it’s golf courses or athletic fields you’re maintaining, the amount of time you have at your disposal is becoming increasingly limited while the players are placing ever more exacting demands on the quality of the turf. Regular deep spiking and deep aeration are important prerequisites for healthy root growth. After decompacting the ground, the roots can penetrate deeper into the soil and thus make better use of water and nutrients. This improves water and air flow of the soil, eliminating thatch and enhancing the strength of the grass.

However, despite all the technical innovations in the past, this type of maintenance work has always been a time-consuming task. The new generation of TERRA SPIKE® GXi deep aerifiers by Wiedenmann revolutionizes turf maintenance and sets new standards in speed, productivity, and quality of work. Save up to 60 % of the time you previously spent on maintenance. The TERRA SPIKE® GXi has only 6 greasing points and, with the exclusive QuickFit System, tricky and time consuming tine replacement is now a thing of the past.

In addition, your well-being is just as important to us as your productivity. That’s why we have fitted two unique damping systems, VibraStop and PowerPack, into the TERRA SPIKE® GXi so you finish your work quickly and with minimal stress for you and your tractor.

Loosen and aerate your turf at an unprecedented working depth and speed. The high productivity of the TERRA SPIKE® GXi will impress you!

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