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Most people know Wiedenmann for their range of grass maintenance machinery. In mainland Europe they have been marketing a winter maintenance range for several years which has proved technically innovative and very successful. Now Wiedenmann introduce six new machines to the UK. All have been designed for high performance yet importantly they are easy to operate and maintain. A key feature is their maximised capacity which makes them extremely cost effective and efficient working tools. Built robustly and powder coated, they stand up to the bleakest and severest conditions. Wiedenmann’s combined sweeping machines are designed for compact front attachment and to be driven either via pto shaft or with a hydraulic unit. The attachments for sweeping both snow and dirt are inter-changeable, so it is possible for sweeping machines to be employed year round.

With safety paramount, all Wiedenmann snow blades have been designed either as folding blades or as blades with spring flaps. When ramming obstacles either the entire blade or the single spring flaps will fold down. Afterwards the blade or the spring flaps will return to their original position. The Combi Clean range of brushes along with the Snow Master blade range have been designed to fit most tractor front linkages and commercial mowers. Please check manufacturer’s fitting list for tractor front linkage and commercial mower compatibility.

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Snow Master Blades

Combi Spread 5000

Combi Cleaners

Ice Master

NEW Snow Master

Wiedenmann (UK) Ltd. is a member of the Fairways Group Ltd. and a sister company of Fairways (GM) Ltd., distributors of high quality sportsground maintenance machinery. Fairways Sportsgrounds Ltd. is one of the UK's leading designers and constructors of outdoor sports facilities including golf courses, tennis courts, playing fields and bowling greens.

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